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Ahhhh Haven't been on DA in so long orz
Haven't done any art in a while as well SCREAMS - mainly because it requires to me use my netbook to paint u___u;;
I also recently got a part time job so my weekends have been tiring
School feels like it's just dragging on... at times I actually feel that I'm wasting my time and that I should just go into fashion design now. But I can't cause I need my back-up degree and it would have been a waste of money to not continue and finish. sob sob questionable future..

From this point on. I'm going to be rambling about cosplay asdkjghakdjh /ignore this half if not interested |D

First event is coming up in like... 3 weeks AND I'M NOT READY FOR IT ADSKJGHKAJ /panics
So Scon plans go like this atm
Thursday: Jormungand! Chinatsu
Friday: (first half) Magi! Judal (second half) Tales of Xillia! Leia Roland
Saturday: (first half) Teikou School Uniform! Kuroko (Second half) Teikou Basketball uniform! Midorima
Sunday: (first half) Blazblue! Caelica (Second half) Magi! Judal
Also doing Running Man at Scon~ Gonna be interesting...

The event after Scon would be FanExpo?
I don't have solid plans yet... maybe Pokemon Black & White - Elite Four Shauntal
idk for the second day yet... maybe I'll do tales again or something?! u___u;;
Or maybe I'll do Devil Survivor 2! Jungo by myself since I didn't get to for L&C due to work orz

Next is AE! Ahh Also very excited for this * A * not in order, just a list
Haikyuu! Kuroo Tetsuro (Friend's cosing Kenma~ /screams at my OTP, I'll be cosing her inazuma OTP later lmao )
Inazuma 11 Go! Tsurugi Kyousuke
I think we're have our sports mash up then too? So I'll be Kuroko? If not then... idk Maybe Tenipuri! Niou or some other basket ball cos |'D
This is my Sports con ahehehe~

I think. Next event is MiniComi??
I'm not sure BUT I... really want to cos Inazuma 11! Hiroto u////u
that's all I really want to cos then atm ahahaha sob depends on other peoples plans i guess

IDK if it's AR or C&E next but... which ever..
At AR i plan on doing...
RO! Soul Linker
And the rest are... depends on everyone else plans lmao
But the rest of my list goes like this...
[K]! Fushimi
Gintama! Adult!Kagura
Tales of Hearts! Shingo
Kurobasu! Akashi?
Digimon! Minamoto Kouichi
...Tales of Abyss? Asch
OK YEA IDK IF I CAN FINISH...MOST OF THESE LMFAO Overly ambitious this year askdjhgakhl Let's try to.. not... procrastinate SCREAMS /life out of control
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yaine's Profile Picture
L .:. C
*I love art.
*I LOVE fashionnnn.
*I love photography.
*I like cosplay.
*I mainly use SAI and occasionally
copic markers and pencil crayons.
*Started seriously cosplaying in 2010 so is just a beginner~
I'm in my 4th year at my university as a Design student.
Please enjoy my work~! C:

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KIRBY19 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Oh found you >3<
yaine Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
LOL Hiii~ 8D
KIRBY19 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
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Thank you for the fave yaine : D <3
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Thank you for the watch and nice to meet you :)
yaine Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
Yayyy It was nice meeting you too~! ( ▽ ` )ノ
Kida-kun Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011   General Artist
hello c:

are you taking requests~? ;w;

yaine Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011

Currently, I'm busy with school projects so I'm not taking any requests :C
On the other hand, if you don't mind a pencil sketch then I can do one for you @ m @;
Just too busy to color anything /cries/ and it'd be nice to pick up a pencil to again that is not related to school work orz
Kida-kun Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011   General Artist
nah~ it's alright >w<
i don't want to make you more work c:
good luck with your projects~!
yaine Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011
Okk~ And thank you! C:
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